Affidavits set to clear picture of candidates

NEW DELHI OCT. 10. Candidates contesting the forthcoming Assembly elections in Delhi will have to submit before the returning officer an affidavit giving details of their family's movable and immovable assets, liabilities, criminal record if any besides their educational qualification along with their nomination papers.

Stating that the Returning Officers would reject all nominations without this affidavit, Election Commission officials said the format of such an affidavit had been given to the officials concerned for distribution among the candidates.

In the first section of the affidavit - according to the format developed by the Election Commission through an order dated March 27, 2003 - candidates would be required to furnish the list of all pending cases against him/her in which cognisance have been taken by the court. They would also have to give in detail the Section of the Act and description of the offence for which cognisance has been taken, the court which has taken cognisance, the case number, date of order of the court taking cognisance and details of appeals/applications for revision if any filed against the above order taking cognisance.

In the second section, the candidate would have to give details of the movable assets of self and those in the name of their spouse and all the dependents. The information to be furnished has been divided into seven sections for each one of them: cash; deposits in banks, financial institutions and non-banking financial companies; bonds, debentures and shares in companies; other financial instruments like National Savings Scheme, Postal Savings, and LIC policies; motor vehicles including details of make, model and cost; jewellery giving details of weight and value; and finally their assets such as values of claims and interests. Value of bonds/shares/debentures has to be given as per the latest market value in Stock Exchange in respect of listed companies and as per books in the case of non-listed companies should be given, the Commission order said, adding that assets in joint name indicating the extent of joint ownership would also have to be given.

While giving details of the immovable assets, the candidates would have to furnish the details about himself, his spouse and his dependents, a list of the agricultural land owned by them including its location, survey numbers, area and current market value. The same information in similar detail would also have to be provided for non-agricultural land, commercial and residential buildings, houses and apartments and other properties as well. Properties in joint ownership indicating the extent of joint ownership will also have to be given in the affidavit, the order said.

In the next section, the candidates would have to give details of their liabilities/overdues to public financial institutions and government dues. Other information to be furnished include loans from banks giving its name and branch and amount outstanding, loan from financial institutions and government dues (other than income tax and wealth tax). "No due certificate to be enclosed in case of holding or having held any public office," the order said.

The candidates would also have to furnish details of income tax in the affidavit including surcharge and indicate the assessment year up to which the income tax return has been filed. The affidavit would also have to give the Permanent Account Number. Details of the Wealth Tax (indicating the assessment year up to which it has been filed); sales Tax (only in case of proprietary business) and Property Tax would also have to be furnished in the affidavit.

Finally, the candidate would be required to furnish details of educational qualification giving the name of the school, college and university and the years in which the course was completed.

Officials of the Election Commission said the format of the affidavit would be delivered to the candidates along with the nomination forms as part of the nomination papers. These affidavits will be distributed to all the candidates of that particular constituency and also to the media. Also, if any rival candidate given any contrary information through an affidavit, it would also be distributed among other candidates.