Accusation war in Delhi Congress party

Sujay Mehdudia

Rival group members to approach senior AICC leaders to convey their resentment

NEW DELHI: The Congress high command, now busy preparing for the AICC plenary session in Hyderabad from January 21, is faced with a piquant spy versus spy situation. Some senior AICC leaders are being petitioned by rival group members, accusing each other of passing on information about their assets and properties to the media.

Not only is the Congress party and its MLAs crying foul, even the Cabinet Ministers in the Delhi Government are feeling the heat of the ongoing demolition operation being carried out in the Capital. Such is the mistrust that has been generated among MLAs and other elected representatives that they have now decided to approach the AICC leaders to convey their strong resentment over the rivals' actions.

A large number of political leaders who have figured prominently in the media for violating building by-laws have taken up the matter with party leaders at the high command level. Some prominent leaders who have been hit hard by the present focus on illegal constructions are planning to even take up the matter with Congress president Sonia Gandhi individually or collectively.

It is learnt that some senior party leaders including AICC general secretary in charge of Delhi Ashok Gehlot have also been approached by the Chief Minister's camp as well as the dissident camp accusing each other of unleashing a "deliberate and calculated campaign''. Already tongues are wagging that Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's firm stand on demolition was aimed at derailing the dissident campaign. Some dissident leaders have even approach the high command with the plea that Ms. Dikshit was behind all the exposures in the media and a team had been put into place to pick and choose rivals and settle scores with them.

However, the loyalist camp has a different story to tell. It is accusing the dissident leaders of going out of the way to gather information against loyalist MLAs and then passing it on to the media to discredit them in the eyes of the people and the leadership.

To prove their point, the loyalist MLAs pointed to the fact that some demolition teams had even reached the personal residence of the Chief Minister at Nizammudin but were turned away after being asked to furnish details about illegal structures they were referring to. "It is a spy versus spy game going on within the Congress party. These leaders have got down to the job of fishing out information on rival MLAs and then passing on the same to the media. Instead of focusing on the issue and how to tackle the present situation, the Congress leaders have got down to settle scores with each other in this manner,'' a senior leader remarked.

It is not only the MLAs but also the Ministers who are upset that they are being targeted and charged with wrongdoing when they had not violated any law. Delhi Assembly Speaker Chaudhary Prem Singh, Urban Development Minister A. K. Walia and DPCC president Ram Babu Sharma all claim they did not violate any building by-laws.

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