Year-old murder case solved

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: A security guard has been arrested by the Crime Branch of the Delhi police on charges of killing a businessman whose body was found in his Hailey Road bungalow near Connaught Place here in September last year.

Ashok Khanna was found murdered in his bungalow on September 11, 2006. The police found a bloodstained axe in the room. The victim’s wristwatch and mobile phone were missing, his family informed.

Enquiries revealed that a security guard of the bungalow, Mithlesh Pandey (27), had gone missing after the incident. Suspecting his involvement, the police mounted a search for him.

Based on the information that Mithlesh belonged to Navada and was a regular visitor to Lakhi Sarai in Bihar, a police team was despatched there.

Police said that on November 15 some members of the team camping at Lakhi Sarai learnt that Mithlesh had gone to the Capital. Subsequently he was arrested at the New Delhi railway station on Sunday. During interrogation, Mithlesh allegedly confessed to having murdered Ashok Khanna who had employed him through a private security agency. On the fateful day, when Khanna returned home late in the evening, Mithlesh took unduly long to open the door. This irked Khanna and he allegedly beat up Mithlesh. To avenge his insult, Mithlesh allegedly planned to eliminate Khanna.

He hit Khanna with the blunt portion of an axe on the head and face while he was sleeping. This, police said, led to Khanna’s death.

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