Workshop for Tihar prisoners

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The National Institute of Banking Studies and Corporate Management will conduct a one-day workshop on about-to-be-released prisoners at Tihar Central Jail here on January 30.

“At the workshop we will drive home the point that prisoners who will be released soon must strive to become self-employed entrepreneurs. We will make them understand that they would not be able to get employment because of their conviction. Therefore, we will help them in setting up new avenues of business and are in talks with corporate houses and banks who can fund them,” said NIBSCOM Director Ashok Choubey. Mr. Choubey, who will be assisted by two faculty members, will explain project planning, project funding, working capital requirements, motivation, team building, problem solving and decision making, marketing and accounting at the workshop.The workshop will feature lectures, games, exercises and audio-visual presentations. Mr. Choubey is also planning to conduct a national conference on rehabilitation of prisoners in which top functionaries of banks, non-government organisations and government departments will “mull over the problems.

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