Work begins on making Capital's buildings green

The Delhi Environment Department has started short-listing consultants for its ambitious plan to make 100 government buildings in the Capital energy-efficient without making major changes to the primary structure.

“The process of making these buildings energy-efficient has been set in motion to reduce the Capital's carbon footprint. As part of its plan, the Environment Department will convert 15 government buildings into energy-efficient structures by carrying out retrofitting like use of CFLs,'' said State Environment, Forest and Wildlife Secretary Dharmendra.

“We have provided our requirements to the consultants and are awaiting their response. The idea is to ensure that we are able to provide buildings that are examples of energy conservation. After we carry out retrofitting of 15 buildings, the plan is to expand and cover 100 government buildings in the city,'' he added.

MoU with TERI

The State Environment Department had earlier signed a memorandum of understanding with The Energy and Resources Institute to initiate retrofitting of 100 government buildings. Delhi Secretariat, Vikas Minar and Soochna Bhavan will be part of the first lot that will be converted and made energy-efficient.

As per experts in the field, the changes are to be made according to a study undertaken by the Environment Department about the best practices that are to be included.

“The changes that the agencies are planning will be very basic. The agencies are also looking at the material used for building these structures to ensure that they are able to derive maximum benefit from the exercise. The Delhi Government has adopted an energy conservation building code for all government buildings,'' said a senior scientific officer in the Department.

The State Government has already brought in techniques including rainwater harvesting, solar heating and best energy efficiency practices for several of its buildings and they hope that this latest technique will bear good results.

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