V-C favours quota for Muslims

V-C P. K. Abdul Azis

V-C P. K. Abdul Azis  

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Pointing out that the number of students from the Muslim community availing themselves of higher education is low, Aligarh Muslim University Vice-Chancellor P. K. Abdul Azis on Wednesday said he favoured reservation for Muslims.

“I am in favour of reservation for Muslims in higher education. How can the country become strong if the Muslims are not coming up to the level of all the other communities? In the past 60 years Muslims have not got adequate representation,” he said at a press conference here in the Capital on Wednesday.

“Reservation is a social need. It will address the issues of social backwardness. Reservation will be for students who want to avail themselves of higher education. It will be for educated people who want to move to the higher ladder. There should also be reservation in employment,” he added.

Prof. Azis also spoke of five special centres that AMU plans to open in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Katihar (Bihar), Mallapuram (Kerala), Murshidabad (West Bengal) and Pune (Maharashtra)

“These centres will create greater access to higher education to the deprived people in the Southern, Eastern, Western and Central regions of the country. The Centre has asked these State governments to provide us land free of cost. I have written to all of them. As of now, we have got response from the governments of West Bengal and Kerala,” the Vice-Chancellor said.

Once the land is identified, AMU will appoint a consultant to prepare a broad outline of these centres.

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