UPA government has sealed its fate, claims Advani

Special Correspondent

“People expect better economy management by PM”

NEW DELHI: The Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha, L.K. Advani, has criticised the UPA government saying that in his long political career he had never come across a government that has remained in a “state of paralysis for so long due to its own internal contradictions.”

“The UPA government is in Intensive Care Unit. How the government will rescue itself is something that I do not know, for I am not a doctor. The UPA government has sealed its own fate. It has written its own epitaph even before its formal exit,” he said. The senior BJP leader and the party’s prime ministerial candidate in the coming Lok Sabha elections was speaking at a function in Mumbai late on Saturday after giving away awards to innovative entrepreneurs.

Commenting on the inflation climbing to 11.05 per cent, which was a 13-year record, Mr. Advani said the people expected better management of the economy from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

On the India-U.S. nuclear deal, Mr. Advani said the government had pushed itself into a corner. “If the government goes ahead with operationalisation of the nuclear deal, the Left parties will withdraw their support. If the government once again chooses to retreat, the Prime Minister’s credibility and authority, which were never very high, will have all but evaporated. My simple question to Congressmen is this: Is this the way to run a government?” the BJP leader said. Mr. Advani claimed that the people had already started looking beyond the UPA government.

“India cannot afford a weak and wobbly government at a time when our country faces many a formidable challenge,” he said.

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