Two arrested for extortion attempt

Staff Reporter

Were allegedly trying to trap policemen

‘Would create fake accident scene’

‘Have extorted money twice earlier’

NEW DELHI: Two persons have been arrested by the South Delhi police for allegedly trying to extort money from policemen.

The Police Control Room received a call on October 21 claiming that a motorcyclist had hit a car near IIT Gate and a scuffle had broken out. When head constable Rishi and constable Satish reached the spot, the car owner, Pankaj Kumar, told them that Pushp Sharma on the bike had hit his car from behind and broken its tail light. After an argument, Pushp agreed to pay Rs.400 to Pankaj for the damage and the two decided to settle the matter. Pusph then asked the head constable for change for a Rs.500 note. The policemen gave the change and the Pankaj and Pushp settled the matter in writing.

A few days later, Pusph allegedly called up the head constable and said that they had filmed him taking money and the clip would be aired if he did not meet his demand for money. The policeman reported the matter to his seniors. A trap was laid in Hauz Khas on November 17 and Pushp arrested when he reached there allegedly to take Rs.10,000. His accomplice, Pankaj, was later arrested at his instance.

A motorcycle, a car, a mobile phone and Rs.10,000 in cash were allegedly seized. The car used in the “accident” was found registered in the name of Pushp’s wife. It was revealed during interrogation that the duo used to create a fake accident scene on the road and pretend to reach a compromise when the police arrived. On the pretext of paying money to the victim as damages, one of them would take change from a policeman and later extorted money from him threatening to “expose” him. The two have allegedly extorted money from a head constable posted at the Lodhi Colony police station and an S-I at IP Estate police station, the police said.