Traders to launch retail schools

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Confederation of All-India Traders has decided to launch retail schools for imparting education in modern retail business techniques to traders.

In a statement on Sunday, CAIT secretary-general Praveen Khandelwal said this step would strengthen traditional retail structure and enable retailers to withstand the pressures of corporate and multinational forays into the retailing business.

“Keeping in mind the changes being brought about by the Government with regards to trade, the ‘unorganised’ trading community need to be educated to transform their businesses into a modern format since retail trading is getting more competitive and challenging by the day,” he said.

Mr. Khandelwal also said that Confederation of All-India Traders would employ a faculty of eminent trainers to impart knowledge of retail marketing to the traders.

“This would help them develop skills to manage retail infrastructure efficiently so far as buying and merchandising is concerned. The training would also survival techniques by focusing on opportunities that are inherent in such enterprises.”

“The self-organised network of small shopkeepers across the country makes huge contributions to the economy. Educating them about consumer behaviour, communication patterns, managerial styles and the amount of support a trader can expect from his own family, may be as important to entrepreneurs as knowing how to reach a market or managing cash flow,” he added.

The CAIT national president B.C. Bharatiya said: “Indian retail accounts for around 10 per cent of the GDP with more than five crore small shopkeepers in business.”

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