Three Afghans get 10 years’ RI

New Delhi: Three Afghan nationals have been sentenced to 10 years rigorous imprisonment for drugs trade by a court which slammed the police for shielding the “high and mighty” involved in the case, saying the trade was being used to fund terror in India.

“Investigations show that the present case has international ramification. Apart from the accused, some high and mighty persons in India might have been involved in the case... Police have subverted the course of investigation and shut its eyes to reach the proper conclusion,” Special NDPS Judge Babu Lal said, suggesting to the police chief to order an inquiry into the matter.

“The money obtained by trade in narcotics is used in promoting extremism. India has become victim of terrorism for past decades. In such a situation, if the police have acted in such irresponsible manner, it is a question of concern not only for police department but for the country itself,” the judge said. The court’s harsh observations have come after it noted that the police recovered cell phones from each accused but never tried to find out their mobile numbers and their contacts in India.

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