Tatkal goes pink

Northern Railway has introduced a dedicated reservation forms for tatkal. Different from the normal white reservation forms, this pink form is bigger and has extra columns and space for information.

The form will soon be available at booking counters. To check the menace of touts buying tatkal tickets, the form has a column for “warnings”.

In case of purchase of tickets from a tout or unauthorised travel agent on fictitious names, addresses or contact number, the passenger is liable to pay penalty and/or imprisonment as per the provision of Railway Act 1989, says the warning published in bold on the form.

According to railway officials, if address/phone/mobile of the passenger is found to be false during journey, he or she will be deboarded at the next station.

“A separate reservation form for tatkal is important because it is a special service offered by the railways with different set of document requirements,” said an official.

To check menace of touts, the form has a column for “warnings”

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