Sweating it out at banks and ATMs

There has been no respite for people queueing up outside ATM kiosks and banks to withdraw money and exchange the demonitised Rs.1,000 and Rs.500 currency notes.

Longer lines

Saturday being a holiday saw even longer lines.

Further, with the Union Finance Minister announcing that it will take two to three weeks to recalibrate the machines to dispense the new Rs.2,000 notes, people appeared resigned to their fate. Sweating it outside the teller machines seems to be the only option.

In fact, at some places people gathered outside the ATMs well before the shutters were upped. Several others tried their luck late in the night, hoping to escape the long waits, but they returned without cash as the ATMs were closed.

Lines — to deposit and exchange money, and the other for withdrawing — outside the Meherchand Market branch of DENA Bank in Lodi Colony had spilled over onto the road.

Pooja Verma, who works at a fast food chain restaurant in the market, was unable to get her Rs.500 notes exchanged on Friday.

On Saturday, she and a colleague took an hour-long break from work, but failed.

“If I can’t get the money exchanged, I will have to go back empty-handed as we only have an hour’s break. Another colleague was in the line for an hour in the morning, but the bank ran out of cash by the time his turn came,” she said.

Housewife Sunny Singh said she had been on the hunt for cash since Friday, but had been unlucky.

“I am left with virtually no cash and an empty kitchen,” she said. Amid this confusion, it was frustrating that the Union Bank’s ATM in the colony had been non-functional for about a fortnight, she added.

People are gathering outside the ATMs kiosks well

before the

shutters are upped

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