Stand in queues, Kejriwal tells PM

: Calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Goa “jumlabaazi”, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said he “should join the people queueing up outside banks” to find out whether they were all scam-tainted.

“The kind of language Mr. Modi used for people standing in lines is deplorable. He said 2G and coal scam-tainted are standing in lines. He should stand in the queue and find out who are actually there. He sees Kanimozhi and Kalmadi in them...,” he said.

Claiming that 50 per cent of the black money was going to BJP coffers, he said: “What about gold and dollar conversion? Where is that going? It is going through the back door and coming out as Rs.2,000 notes. Brokers are in the ruling party and 50 per cent of all black money is going to BJP...”

He said the list of 648 Swiss account holders, who have allegedly stashed black money, was with the Centre. “The government is friends with the corrupt, counterfeit currency makers and Swiss bank account holders. Why is he targeting 125 crore people and not the few lakh he spoke about? Why is he friends with those few lakhs of people?” said Mr. Kejriwal.

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