Sanjeev Nanda files statement in trial court

Staff Reporter

Denies either driving the BMW car or being present in it

Says police framed him in the case

Sunil Kulkarni is a false witness, says Nanda

NEW DELHI: The prime accused in the eight-year-old BMW hit-and-run case, Sanjeev Nanda, on Monday filed a written statement in the trial court which had asked him to do so in the wake of fresh evidence surfacing against him.

In his statement, Nanda denied either driving the BMW car or even being present in it when the alleged incident took place. He told the court in the statement that he had been framed in the case by the police who were in a hurry to solve the case in which three policemen had been run over and killed, besides three other men.

Nanda also sought to discredit eyewitness Sunil Kulkarni saying he was a false witness and was not even present in Delhi on January 10, 1999, when the incident took place on Lodhi Road in South Delhi.

Earlier, Additional Sessions Judge Vinod Kumar had asked the accused to record his statement as fresh evidence came up during the trial. The court had prepared a list of 42 questions that the accused was supposed to answer. It had earlier observed that there was no evidence against Nanda prior to the testimony of Kulkarni.

Kulkarni was a witness who had been dropped by the prosecution as unreliable during the early stages of trial. However, the court summoned him earlier this year to record his testimony.

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