Rush refuses to recede in Gurugram

Saturday being a holiday saw more people coming out; banks have a tough time managing crowd

Queues outside banks and ATMs in the Millennium City only grew longer on Saturday with more and more people stepping out, making it difficult for banks to handle the rush.

“The rush today [on Saturday] was almost two-three times the usual, making it difficult for us. People had turned up even before the bank opened in the morning. We had only one queue in the last three days, but today we made separate queues for exchange, deposit and withdrawal to manage the crowd better,” said a HDFC official in Sector 15 (Part-II) here.

Left with no option

The situation was such that most ATMs either remained closed or ran dry within a few hours. “I was expecting the rush to recede by the weekend. Now I have no option but to stand in the queue to withdraw cash,” said Nitin Goel, a MNC executive.

Lead District Manager R.C. Naik told The Hindu that banks were facing a major cash crunch, a problem compounded by the fact that most ATMs were not working. “Many ATMs are not working. Even those dispensing cash are running dry within a few hours. Banks are also not getting enough cash to cater to the number of people who are coming out. The SBI has demanded Rs.400 crore while private banks have asked for Rs.1,000 crore. The rush in the last four days has been four to five times the usual,” said Mr. Naik.

An Oriental Bank of Commerce official added to this saying the situation was not likely to improve till the ATMs start working to their capacity.

‘Exchange forms

being sold’

Social activist Balbir Singh, meanwhile, said customers outside banks in Sector 46 were being sold exchange forms for Rs.10 each and were being charged Rs.5 for photocopies.

“I had gone to visit banks in the locality when the people there told me that they were being asked to pay for exchange forms and also overcharged for photocopies,” said Mr. Singh.

Banks are not getting enough

cash to cater to

the number of people who are coming out

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