Red Cross appeals to IOC over `illegal' use of emblem

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) has written to Indian Oil Corporation asking it to stop "unauthorised" use of the Society's emblem at petrol pumps.

In a letter written to the IOC Chairman-cum-Managing Director, IRCS Secretary-General S. P. Agarwal has asked him to direct petrol pump owners not to misuse the emblem.

Said Dr. Agarwal, "The letter is part of the ongoing process where we screen and write to establishments that may be using the IRCS emblem without the right to do so. Many users are not aware that the emblem is a protective symbol. Doctors, para-medics and hospitals have been found to be using the emblem. In fact, the symbol is so commonly used that many users are not even aware of the misinformation that results in through unauthorised use. Several establishments have been informed about the misuse and it is an on-going process."

The letter sent to the IOC in the first week of January pointed out that IRCS emblem could be used only after proper authorisation.

Delhi IRCS Secretary Kishen Gulati said: "I have asked volunteers to go to petrol outlets and pinpoint where exactly the misuse was happening. We have carried out an aggressive campaign against the misuse of the emblem and have managed to successfully prevent hospitals including All-India Institute of Medical Sciences and LNJP Hospital from using the IRCS emblem. Also through sustained awareness programme all pharmacists, private doctors have stopped using the IRCS emblem. However, despite repeated reminders Centralised Accident Trauma Service ambulance is yet to comply and stop the use of our emblem."

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