RWAs welcome High Court decision on DVB

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Residents’ Welfare Associations in the city have welcomed the High Court judgement indicting the Delhi Government for not taking cognisance of glaring financial irregularities during privatisation of the erstwhile Delhi Vidyut Board.

“We thank the High Court for finally taking a serious view of the oppressive power regime unleashed by the Delhi Government and the discoms on the citizens and look forward keenly to an immediate review of many corrupt practices enjoyed by the licensees for the past five years,” said Sanjay Kaul, president of People’s Action.

“It stands to reason that a privatisation deal that was completed without a transparent bidding process, and which was castigated by as many as three different authorities for suspicion of irregularities, should be investigated with absolute seriousness and immediacy and punishment handed out to those who indulged in corruption in the deal,” Mr. Kaul added.

URJA coordinator Atul Goyal said: “A special meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, which will include over 40 petitioners who have brought these issues to the attention of the DERC .”

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