No appreciation for intelligence in marriage market, says HC

“There is no appreciation for intelligence in the market of matrimony where spouses sum up each other according to their own standards in which no marks are awarded for intellect,” the Delhi High Court said while allowing the appeal of a man for divorce.

Mutual bickering

The court noted that the man and his estranged wife were engaged in mutual bickering unmindful of their educational and professional qualifications.

The marriage was solemnised only after the horoscopes of the bride and the groom were matched, but it lasted only five months and 20 days ,with a cohabitation of mere 60 days and was turbulent from the start, a bench of Justices Pradeep Nandrajog and Pratibha Rani noted.

“We only wish that the astrologer who matched the horoscope was not a novice,” the Bench said.

Sharing its mantra of matrimony, the Bench said, “To keep a marriage afloat requires no great ability. Little usefulness is enough. A spouse who can perform an errand neatly, without attempting to use his/her own judgement over it, is enough.”

The man works with a multi-conglomerate company while the wife is a banker.

The man accused the wife of being a loner, anti-social and shy who caused humiliation in front of his friends, while she accused him of being a womaniser and an alcoholic.

Marriage solemnised only after horoscopes of the couple were matched; it lasted over five months

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