NGO urges people to vote

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Promoting the idea of exercising one’s vote as a tool for social change, a team of professionals with a strong belief and commitment to democracy has formed a non-governmental and non-political social forum called “Exercise Franchise for Good Governance” (EFG).

Former Chief Election Commissioner B. B. Tandon inaugurated the forum in the Capital on Wednesday.

The occasion also marked the formal launch of the EFG website >

“The forum urges people to participate in the democratic processes as a tool for social change with a focus on eliminating policy aberrations. It wants to promote good governance on the basis of real public mandate and uphold the institution of democracy in an effort to establish participation of citizens in building a society of their choice,” said Ratan Lal, a History lecturer at Delhi University, who is one of the members of the EFG team.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Tandon expressed concern at the unusual general public apathy towards political participation. “The ultimate aim of EFG is to influence policy-making through representative and legitimate governments. Once voters are aware of their responsibilities and rights, good governance would be the natural fall-out. We will be putting posters all across the Capital urging people to vote,” said Mr. Lal.

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