Mukhi demands cut in power tariff

Staff Reporter

‘It should be reduced by at least 10 per cent’

NEW DELHI: The Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, Jagdish Mukhi, has demanded that electricity tariff in Delhi should be reduced by at least 10 per cent.

The time, he said, had come for Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) to order for the reduction of electricity tariff.

Discoms’ claim

In a statement issued here on Friday, Prof. Mukhi said the private distribution companies (discoms) have claimed in their presentation to the DERC and other forums that they have been successful in bringing down electricity theft by 20 per cent.

According to DECR calculations, 1 per cent reduction in the theft of electricity earns the discoms an extra Rs.90 crore.

“This means that the discoms are getting unexpected gains of Rs.90 crore with each 1 per cent reduction in theft and consequently earning Rs.1800 crore annually in addition to their normal profits,” he added.

Prof. Mukhi said that the honest consumers have been bearing the burden of theft so far and now it was time that these companies earning an extra Rs.1800 crore should reduce the tariff.

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