Metro may extend its reach

Smriti Kak Ramachandran

"About 60 % of the area to be within walking distance from stations"

NEW DELHI: With Metro Rail fast emerging as the preferred mode of public transport in the Capital, the new Master Plan for Delhi-2021 envisages extending its reach to cover more areas and also overhauling the existing network.

"It is expected that about 60 per cent of the urban area will be within 15-minute walking distance from the proposed Metro Rail stations after full development of the system."

"Additional areas could come within easy access and connectivity with the Metro Rail through inter-linkages with other transport modes. About 15 per cent of Delhi's urban areas are likely to be directly affected, and may undergo a dramatic impact and change," says the Master Plan.

The Master Plan recommends preparation of detailed plans to facilitate and encourage direct pedestrian access to the metro stations, detailed multi-modal transport plans with reference to each major metro station, with particular reference to bus routes which could provide inter-linkages and feeder arrangements and parking arrangements at stations.

Seeking parking facilities for both short and long distance travellers, the plan calls for making provision for park-and-ride facilities at identified points from where feeder bus services would be available, or convenient direct pedestrian access would be feasible.

Acknowledging the metro as "the most important, component, of a Mass Rapid Transit System" in the city, the plan notes that it is expected to carry 108 lakh daily passengers with an average trip length of 15 km by 2021.

"To achieve spatial balance, development should take place according to new corridors of mass movement. This would not only help to solve, to some extent, the enormous problems of mass transportation, but would also generate a dynamic potential for growth and employment. This is particularly true for the Metro Rail system," it says.

It suggests selective redevelopment of Metro corridors up to a certain depth and re-densification or intensification of existing land uses based on site conditions.

The plan recommends allowing stations along with property development up to a certain maximum area in all use zones.