MCD launches online software for maternity, child welfare centres

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Municipal Corporation of Delhi launched a new online software called the Maternal & Child Welfare Information System (MCWIS) for use in maternity and child welfare centres of the civic body. The software was commissioned by Municipal Commissioner K.S. Mehra on Friday.

According to the civic body, the software would help interlink 33 maternity homes, 115 maternity centres, 35 maternity welfare centres, seven Indian population project units, 25 health centres and 105 health posts of the MCD.

This information technology application has been delivered by Tech Mahindra as a part of the e-governance project of the MCD.

Two components

Mr. Mehra said: “The MCWIS has two components, the maternal component and the child component. The salient features of the software are that it would enable maternity homes and maternity centres to track the ante-natal registration done, create a data base for the pregnant mother and enable sharing of the patient's folder with the hospital to which the patient is referred.”

“The USP of the software will be providing a child card which would be web-based and interactive and wherein the citizens would be able to view developmental milestones of his or her child, plot his child weight for age and also know about child growth. This software will obviate the need for keeping manual records as under it there would be automatic report generation for the users.”

Other benefits of the software include easy access to the physician, facility to view lab reports, monitor progress during pregnancy and availability of valuable information about child nutrition on the MCWIS site.

‘Better experience'

MCD Director (Hospital Administration) Dr. Madhu Jain said: “The MCD has already implemented the e-software for registration of birth and deaths, Hospital Information System (HIS) and Linked Immunization Birth Record and has sustained these for a period of several years. Resultantly we have got a better experience in using information technology in our departments.”

“Computerisation of the MCD hospitals through the HIS has been implemented in six major hospitals and we are planning to extend the facility to all colony hospitals, polyclinics and dispensaries. The observed benefits are having easy access to information, development of common clinical database, improved quality of documentation thereby improving quality of patient care and improved communications.”