Kids' brush with folk arts

P. Anima

NEW DELHI: It is an opportunity for children to learn a lesson or two about the various folk arts of the country, be it Madhubani from Bihar, Warli from Maharashtra, Patua from West Bengal or Gond from Madhya Pradesh.

"We Love Art" movement, a joint effort between Full Circle bookshops and HSBC, is aimed at making the world of Indian art a learning and fun experience for children.

A series of workshops are being organised in the Capital by Full Circle to familiarise children with Indian folk arts. To begin with, kids got a peek into the world of Madhubani art at a two-day workshop that culminates on Sunday.

Award-winning Madhubani artist Baua Devi from Mithila, Bihar, is participating in the workshop. A storytelling session -- "A Curly Tale" -- a folk tale from Bihar by Vinita Krishna of Khaas Kitaab Foundation and an interactive art session around Madhubani art guided by the artist will all be part of the workshop.

"We Love Art" is an initiative conducted through a series of workshops and is multidimensional in its approach. While it creates awareness about cultures, the effort is also to support non-government organisations and social activist groups.