Jal Board plans huge rebate on dues

It might offer consumers 90 per cent relief on surcharge amount

The Delhi Jal Board wants to give its consumers a chance to clear their dues by offering them a huge rebate of 90 per cent on the surcharge amount.

The proposal, to be placed for approval at the water utility's meeting scheduled for Thursday, is expected to bring in revenue and slash the deficit accumulated owing to outstanding bills.

According to sources, the rebate will be offered to all sections of consumers and the dues run into several crores. The Jal Board is also proposing to offer the facility to pay off their dues (calculated after the rebate on surcharge) in instalments.

"The Jal Board had withdrawn the rebate scheme for the past two years, but with the rising deficit the scheme has been reintroduced. The Jal Board hopes that with a hefty rebate consumers will be encouraged to pay off the long-pending dues. Domestic consumers and government bodies form the bulk of those with dues,” said sources.

The Jal Board is keen to bring down its revenue losses from Rs.300 crore to Rs.50 crore. “One way to cut the losses is to recover the dues. The Jal Board has to endure 25-30 per cent losses due to transmission losses. It is making up for it by providing piped water in unauthorised colonies and bringing unmetered places into the metering net,” the sources said.

The Jal Board has given all rural areas and unmetered consumers time till September 30 to install meters, failing which they will be charged on the average consumption basis. “They will have to pay on the basis of 20 kilolitre a month for a period of six months and there will be a review. They will end up paying more if they are charged as per the average consumption pattern,” the sources said.

  • The proposal will be placed for approval at the Board's meeting today
  • The water utility also plans to offer instalment payment of dues

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