Government suspends Imphal Municipal Council

In a surprise move, the Congress-led coalition Ministry has suspended the Imphal Municipal Council (IMC) for six months.

In the 27-member Council the Congress has 16 members. The suspension order was based on an enquiry report by a committee constituted by the government which pointed out financial irregularities, abuse of power, maladministration and staggering financial loss every month.

Though the suspension is only for six months, in practical terms it means that the present councillors may never be back in office since the present term of the IMC ends in June 2011.

Following serious allegations against the Council, the Manipur government ordered on September 3, 2009 a probe by a Committee headed by an Additional Secretary. The Committee's report established funds misuse, abuse of power, administrative lapses.


The explanation from the chairperson M. Ranisana in response to the show-cause-notice served on October 14 was not “satisfactory.”

The Committee report said that the property of the IMC were not properly docketed. The monthly income of the IMC is Rs.5.50 lakh, whereas the IMC spends Rs.43.80 lakh a month on payment salary and honorariums to the councilllors and 273 staff.

The government gives Rs.19 lakh per month as grant. It means that the IMC is incurring a loss of Rs.19.30 lakh a month.

The IMC requires Rs.11.30 crore for clearing the pending salaries of the employees. On the other hand, the Committee report says that the IMC never tried to increase the revenue collection. The honorarium for the chairperson was increased from Rs.1,500 to Rs.15,000 per month without the approval of the government.

Similarly, honorarium of other councillors and employees were increased. Money sanctioned for buying two trucks was used for payment of casual workers.

There were charges that sanitary works were never supervised and accumulation of uncleared garbage.

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