Delhiites consume less power now

Staff Reporter

Down from14,575 million units to 14,498 million units

“This is on account of rational use of energy”

NEW DELHI: The overall power consumption in the Capital has declined on account of rational use of energy and better distribution management.

According to figures collated by the Delhi Government’s Power Department, consumption of power till October this year has been 0.5 per cent lower than the power consumed for the corresponding period last year.

“There is a general awareness among consumers that they need to use power judiciously. Following privatisation of power in 2002, the distribution companies too have ensured that meters are installed in all homes and commercial places and across all sections. With the billing net having expanded and consumers being made to pay for what they use, consumption has automatically dipped,” explained a senior Power Department official.

Across all strata

As per official data, Delhi consumed 14,498 million units of energy during 2008-09 (up to October 2008) as against 14,575 million units in 2007-08 (up to October 2007).

“The dip has been noticed in consumption of power across all strata. Even though residents of slum clusters are given cheaper power compared to the rest of the population, they too have become cautious against flagrant misuse of energy,” said the official.

In the BRPL distribution network, consumption fell from 6,105 million units to 5,999 million units, but in the BYPL area consumption rose from 3,488 million units to 3,504 million units.

In the NDMC and NDPL distribution areas, consumption rose from 814 million units to 818 million units and 4,066 million units to 4,053 million units, respectively.

The MES distribution area, too, showed a decline from 115 million units to 110 million units.

“The use of energy-efficient equipment like compact fluorescent lamps and products like TV sets and refrigerators that have been rated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency has also helped curb wastage,” the official said.