Delhi water crisis averted

Staff Reporter

Thanks to overflowing Yamuna

NEW DELHI: The recent rise in the water level of the Yamuna that threatened to flood many low-lying areas of the Capital is now preventing taps in the city from going dry.

With the Upper Ganga Canal closed for annual maintenance, raw water supply from the Ganga to Delhi’s two water treatment plants has been curtailed, but thanks to the overflowing Yamuna a water crisis has been averted.

The canal, which was shut for maintenance on Thursday, will remain closed till the end of this month. Consequently raw water supply from the Ganga to the Bhagirathi water treatment plant and the Sonia Vihar water treatment plant will remain suspended. In the interim period, the two plants will get supply from the Yamuna, which has surplus water.

According to sources in the Delhi Jal Board, while the Bhagirathi plant receives 100 MGD (million gallons per day) of water through the canal, the Sonia Vihar plant receives 130 MGD. “We are not anticipating a water crisis this time round since 13,000 MGD of water is being released into the Yamuna downstream of Wazirabad. We can use this surplus water and divert it to the Bhagirathi and Sonia Vihar plants,” said sources.

“There is provision for lifting water for both the plants from the Yamuna as well as the Ganga. There is a pump house near Wazirabad for lifting raw water for the plants which will help us meet the demand for water ,” the sources added.

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