Delhi reeling under power shortage

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Even as the Delhi Government claims that load-shedding has been brought down from 4.9 per cent in 2001 to 0.6 per cent now, the Capital has been reeling under a power shortage for the past few days.

On Tuesday, the city faced a shortage of about 400-500 MW several times during the day, resulting in power cuts. Load-shedding was reported from across the city, with complaints of prolonged cuts coming in from South Delhi, South-West Delhi and East Delhi.

“There was no electricity for several hours last night. This morning, too, the power cut lasted a few hours. These power cuts have made the prevalent heat wave more unbearable,” said Rajiv Kumar, a resident of Nizamuddin in South Delhi.

The Power Department blamed the shortfall on low production at hydro-power plants and on breakdowns at several plants that supply power to the city.

“Two units of Dadri are out, two units of Mandaula are out. Some lines of the Power Grid are out because of which we cannot transmit too much power. Efforts are on to meet the demand for power. We are arranging 300 MW from the Panipat-Narela circuit,” said a Power Department official.

Discoms officials blamed the overdrawal from the Northern Grid for the low frequency-related tripping.

The companies that had made arrangements with other States for power claimed that a reduction in hydro-power generation had affected the supply meant for Delhi.

“BSES had banked 100 MW with Uttarakhand during the winter months. The State had to supply this power during the ensuing summer months. For the last 5-6 days, Uttarakhand has not made any power supply to Delhi. Besides Uttarakhand is also unable to supply an additional 100 MW to Delhi due to a steep fall in water reservoirs of their hydel-stations. The glaciers have not yet begun melting and water level in almost all reservoirs has gone below their 10-year average – mounting worries on the power front,” said a company official.

Delhi’s power woes have been compounded by low supply from Damodar Valley Corporation, which is giving Delhi a mere 75 MW of power as against the 230MW, said a discom official.