Delhi Mayor seeks vital changes in Master Plan

Staff Reporter

Demands a one-time relaxation of deadline to traders to allow them to pay conversion charges

‘Allow commercial activity in DDA flats as per mixed-use guidelines’

‘Revise provision for identifying commercial areas in “E”, “F” and “G” category of colonies’

NEW DELHI: The Mayor of Delhi, Arti Mehra, has asked Union Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy to effect certain “vital” amendments to the Master Plan for Delhi-2021 on the basis of feedback from the various zones of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

Ms. Mehra said on Thursday that though registration and payment of conversion charges for the shops under mixed-use regulations was to be done by June 30, most traders were unable to register themselves and pay the charges as they could not acquaint themselves with the provisions of the Master Plan.

“A one-time relaxation of the deadline needs to be provided to allow them to pay the charges. If they fail to get themselves registered, the traders are liable to pay a 10-time penalty for annual conversion charges. But the charges are so exorbitant and out of reach of most traders that an amnesty scheme by the Government is the only lasting solution,” she added.

The Mayor also said that though most Delhi Development Authority (DDA) flats were constructed on major roads, they were being considered under “group housing” and therefore no commercial set-up other than professional activity was permissible in these flats.

“All such flats need to be allowed to carry out commercial activity as per mixed-use guidelines, but the shop size should be restricted to 20 square metes. This would restrict big showrooms to come up in DDA flats and this should also be made applicable on ground floor of flats abutting mixed-land use roads,” she added.

According to Ms. Mehra, the Master Plan for Delhi-2021 does not permit sub-division of residential plots. “Yet the ground reality is different as due to family circumstances, sub-division of the plots has taken place. With the restrictions in place, building plans cannot be sanctioned on a sub-divided plot. The restriction, therefore, needs to be revised by permitting sanction of building plans on divided plot.”

The Mayor also said the provision for identifying commercial areas in “E”, “F” and “G” category of colonies be revised. “According to this provision, wherever 80 per cent of residential plots are under mixed-use, or where there are 300 shops within a contiguous area of one hectare, the area can be declared as a commercial area. In this case, the number of shops required for deeming an area commercial should be reduced to 150.”

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