DU offering unique courses

Parul Sharma

NEW DELHI: Under the umbrella discipline of B.Sc. Applied Life Sciences, Delhi University has on offer some very unique courses for students ranging from Sericulture to Environmental Science and Agro-pest Control.

Faculty members at the university feel that ample career prospects are available for students who complete these specialised courses.

Acharya Narendra Dev College is the only one in the University which offers a three-year degree course in sericulture.


“We have a sericulture lab and students are taught silk worm rearing. Since last year we are trying to hook up with the industry. Recently the Central Silk Board conducted a workshop for our students. We are trying to increase our interaction with the industry,” said Principal Savithri Singh. “We prepare students for the industry. The cut-offs are same as that of life sciences. We have about 20 seats for the course and with the OBC quota, that has now gone up to 24,” she added.

B.Sc. Applied Life Sciences (Environmental Science) is currently being offered at three colleges -- Kalindi, Maitreyi and Ramjas -- and has been generating a good response from students.