Cycle-rickshaws may be allowed in Lutyens' Delhi

Following a meeting of the taskforce to review the policy on cycle-rickshaws and other non-motorised transport as part of a larger transport and traffic plan for the city, a consensus was arrived at on allowing plying of cycle-rickshaw in all areas of the Capital, including the posh Lutyens' Delhi.

According to a member of the taskforce Madhu Kishwar, though the deliberations are yet to be formalised and submitted to the High Court, there is consensus on allowing plying of non-motorised transport in the New Delhi area. This effectively means that there would be no restriction on the plying of rickshaws in the New Delhi Municipal Council area, she added. Ms. Kishwar said the consensus was arrived at despite stiff protest from the NDMC administration on the grounds that the NDMC area has a “special unique character of its own which could not be diluted by allowing cycle-rickshaws to ply there”.

“It was important to allow cycle-rickshaws in all areas as they serve an important purpose of providing the most convenient and affordable feeder service to the metro stations and bus stands,” she added. Further Ms. Kishwar informed it was decided that instead of separate agencies like the NDMC and the Delhi police deciding which areas should be allowed for plying of rickshaws, the Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure Planning & Engineering Centre should be made responsible for deciding where tracks for non-motorised vehicles should be constructed.

The High Court had directed the Delhi Chief Secretary to constitute this special taskforce to review all aspects pertaining to traffic in the city.

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