Congress demands probe into Das’s wealth

Lucknow: The Congress on Thursday demanded a thorough probe into the huge wealth amassed by former Union Minister Akhilesh Das who owns a chain of educational institutions in Uttar Pradesh.

“The people have the right to know as to how Das was able to amass huge wealth during a short span of ten to 12 years,” UPCC spokesman Swadesh Kumar Kori said.

Mr. Das had resigned from the Congress as well as from his Rajya Sabha membership on May 6 alleging that a coterie around the party’s general secretary Rahul Gandhi was running the organisation.

Mr. Kori alleged that Mr. Das had left the party only to save himself. “His intention to join the BSP is just an attempt to escape the Government action,” he said.

He asked the State Government to inquire as to how a hotel owned by Mr. Das was operating in a residential area and how another building owned by him was constructed on agricultural land without the permission of the authorities. - PTI

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