Concern over protests against power projects

A number of social activists led by Avdhash Kaushal, chairperson, Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra ( RLEK) here on Wednesday expressed grave concern over some religious leaders and so called environmentalists trying to retard the progress of Uttarakhand by opposing construction of the much-needed power projects on the Ganga and other rivers of the State.

Uttarakhand needs the eco-friendly hydro power not only to cater to its population but also sell it to other States to earn revenue, Mr. Kaushal said adding that the BJP Government in the State and the Centre should adopt a clear policy to promote such ventures and not get bogged down by protests by a section of vested interests.

Mr. Kaushal wondered why the police had registered a case for blocking the national highway in Haridwar on Monday against about 150 unidentified persons while it was well-known that Swami Ramdev led the blockade demanding scrapping of all power projects on the Bhagirathi from Gangotri to Uttarkashi.

The two-hour blockade had led to serious problems to the public including patients going for medical assistance.

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