Car parking lot to seat accredited journalists

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court administration has found the footpath meant for parking of lawyers’ vehicles outside its campus an appropriate place for making sitting arrangements for “accredited journalists” covering the Court.

The Court administration has earmarked a portion of the parking lot outside Gate No. 7 for this purpose and put four concrete benches as seating arrangement for the journalists. A signboard hanging on an iron grill along the boundary wall announces that the benches are meant for accredited journalists.

The Court administration considers it a reasonable decision “in the absence of sufficient spare space for journalists inside the main building”.

Some journalists initially thought that it might be the work of the Delhi High Court Bar Association, but its president K.C. Mittal denied this and condemned it when journalists called on him a few days ago. “I found it very humiliating and undignified when I saw it,” he said.

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