Bull’s “theft” leads to road blockade by villagers

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Delhi police register case and initiate investigations

There are several gangs that steal stray cattle in the outskirts of Delhi

‘The miscreants’ dialect suggest that they are from Haryana’

NEW DELHI: Angry over alleged police inaction, residents of Pooth Khurd in Outer Delhi blocked traffic for about an hour demanding registration of a case for “theft” of a bull in their village over the weekend. The police have now registered a case and initiated investigations.

Around 3 a.m. on Saturday, Anand and his father Randhir were asleep in their house when they heard some commotion. When they came out, they saw some men trying to upload their village bull onto a tempo. The father and son duo raised an alarm. Anand even challenged the miscreants but they beat him up. The miscreants’ dialect suggested that they were from Haryana.


Before other villagers could come to their help, the miscreants sped away with the bull. Anand then called up the police and narrated the whole incident to them. He was taken to the nearby Maharishi Valmiki Hospital for medical examination.

When no case was registered by the Bawana police even after 24 hours, angry villagers blocked a road near Pooth Khurd demanding action. The area police officers rushed to the spot and it was only after assurance of quick action that the villagers dispersed. Later the police recorded Anand’s statement on the basis of which a case was registered.

Interestingly, there are several gangs -- mostly from the Mewat region -- that steal stray cattle in the outskirts of Delhi.

They enter the city in tempos late at night, pick up stray cattle and drive away to their villages. On several occasions, the police have found that the miscreants stock huge boulders in their tempos and use them as missiles in case the police try to nab them. In a case reported a few years ago, the cattle thieves had thrown a cow at a police van injuring its occupants.

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