Bonsai exhibition

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Showcasing miniaturised trees of different varieties was a unique day-long exhibition on bonsai at ITC Hotel, the Maurya Sheraton, here on Sunday.

Featuring over 250 miniature trees elegantly displayed against the backdrop of screens and lights with cards mentioning their botanical and common name, the 27th Bonsai Exhibition was organised by the Indian Bonsai Association in association with ITC Hotel, the Maurya Sheraton.

Flowering and fruiting trees like bougainvillea, star jasmine, China orange, pomegranate and mulberries were displayed alongside revered and old trees of various varieties.

The cultivation of bonsai originated in China but it was developed into an art form by the Japanese. According to Indian Bonsai Association vice-president Neera Neelambera, small trees of bougainvillea, junipers and peepal with hollowed out trunks and beautifully carved and bleached dead wood were displayed.

Informing that a number of political personalities have been gracing their event, Ms. Neelambera said: “The United Progressive Alliance Chairperson, Sonia Gandhi, had not only graced one of our exhibitions but also displayed maple bonsai that was recreated by her.”

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