BJP not well placed in UP: Kalyan Singh

Kalyan Singh

Kalyan Singh  

Aligarh: The BJP’s position in Uttar Pradesh was “not satisfactory” and it faces a tough task in next Lok Sabha elections in the State, senior party leader and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh admitted on Thursday.

Mr. Singh told reporters here that he foresaw an arduous journey for his party in the crucial State in the months ahead as in his opinion BJP’s position in U.P. was “not satisfactory”.

He said if the party wished to form the Government at the Centre after the next elections then the party should win 35 to 40 seats in U.P.

This target, he said, could be achieved “only if the selection of candidates for the Lok Sabha polls was done very carefully and impartially.”

The former chief minister stressed that while he would fulfil any “specific responsibility” assigned to him in the party’s interests, he was not angling for any “extra responsibility” beyond his present assignment in the party as its Vice -President.

Debate demanded

Lucknow: Expressing reservation over the women quota Bill in the BJP, its national general secretary and former MP Vinay Katiyar has demanded a detailed discussion on the issue within the party.

“The issue of women reservation would be raised at the party forum for a detailed discussion as its provisions in the present form are against the interests of poor, backwards and Dalits,” Mr. Katiyar told PTI here. The BJP leader said that till now women reservation had not been raised in the party nor had it extended support over the issue.

Raising objections to the Bill, Mr. Katiyar said that the Congress’ intentions on granting 33 per cent reservation to women was not clear.


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