BJP claims support for its campaign against increase in prices

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Delhi BJP president O. P. Kohli on Tuesday expressed pleasure at the way the party has been getting public support in its “anti-price spiral programme” being organised at “mandal” or ward level as part of “Mehngai Virodhi Saptah” (Anti-Price Rise Week).

Prof. Kohli said the week-long protest is aimed at exposing the bad policies of the Congress Government and the issues that have led to the price rise. The protests, which began on July 19, will continue up to July 26 in every municipal ward of the Capital. In the past three days the BJP has organised demonstrations, protest marches and sit-in protests in 30 mandals. Prof. Kohli said the BJP would be taking these protests ahead. Sixty-five more protests are proposed in different parts of the city. “The BJP workers are fully geared to expose the Congress Government,” he said.

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