An attempt to save the planet

A still from ‘Discovery Project Earth.’

A still from ‘Discovery Project Earth.’  

Madhur Tankha

NEW DELHI: Presenting scientists who are working on experiments to save Mother Earth from the hazardous effects of global warming is Discovery Channel’s new series premiering this Friday.

“Discovery Project Earth” will present eight geo-engineering experiments to tackle the problem of climate change. The series, which will run up to March 20, will showcase Greenland’s glaciers in protective blankets to stop the ice from melting, construction of rockets to send tiny reflective lenses into orbit and planting of thousands of saplings via a mass aerial drop to re-forest barren areas. Each experiment will push the boundaries of science and technology.

Spanning the globe, pinpointing areas of both concern and opportunity in confronting climate change, the eight-part series is an experimental thrill ride of asking tough questions about our environment and finding the brightest minds and innovative approaches to tackle these challenges.

Working with the scientists on these experiments is the “Discovery Project Earth” task force, each with a unique specialty: Jennifer Languell, the eco-house-building engineer; Basil Singer, quantum physicist and businessman who can fund the impossible; and venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary.

Stating that the series presents initiatives that will tackle the problem of climate change, Rajiv Bakshi of Discovery Networks (Asia-Pacific) says the show attempts to find a solution to save the planet. “The series brings forth the cumulative efforts of various scientists and their path-breaking experiments that will shape a better future for us,” he adds.

It will combine scientific innovation with television spectacle. If all goes well in the long run, we just might be able to save the planet.

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