Amazing recovery for patient though alternative surgery

Bindu Shajan Perappadan

NEW DELHI: Moving away from the traditional method of doing heart surgery, doctors in the Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery Department at the All-India Institute of Medical Science here have conducted a tough medical surgery by not bringing down the body temperature of the patient and maintaining blood supply to the brain, heart and kidneys during the operation.

Maximum benefits

The surgery conducted on 27-year-old Rashmi from Uttar Pradesh on was aimed at allowing maximum possible benefits to the patient in terms of reducing the possible post-surgery complications and recovery time. Rashmi, who was admitted to AIIMS with a diseased aorta, is reportedly doing well now.

“The surgery is different in the sense that under the traditional method we would have brought down the body temperature and cut the supply of blood to the brain, heart and other vital organs. This traditional method of conducting surgery allows us to operate the patient during that window period but also exposes the patients to the danger of slipping into coma, stroke and seizures in case we overrun the window period. The patient is also exposed to the danger of having lung and kidney complications and excessive bleeding. The recovery time in patients is also extended,” said Dr. Shiv Choudhary, who headed the team that operated upon the woman.

In the case of Rashmi, the doctors conducted the seven-hour-surgery operation in a manner which helped the patient wake up 15 minutes after the surgery (traditional method would allow this in only 24 to 36 hours).

“By following the new method of surgery the patient was removed from the ventilator in two hours and in the next 12 hours she was walking around. We are happy with the results and this encourages us to try this technique on other patients too,” said Dr. Choudhary.