AIIMS grappling with stray dogs, monkey menace

Bindu Shajan Perappadan

Efforts to find a solution have borne very little results

Campus troubled by this problem for the past several years

Danger not just for the staff but also for the patients and their relatives

NEW DELHI: The country’s premier hospital, All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, is these days waging a battle against rather unusual adversaries – stray dogs and monkeys. The Institute has sought help from the New Delhi Municipal Council for tackling the menace in its hospital area and residential campus.

“This is not a new problem on the campus and we have been troubled by it for several years now and our efforts to find a solution to the menace has borne very little results so far. The problem exists in hospital and residential campus area where we have been troubled by stray dogs and monkeys. We have reported several cases of dog bites and though the matter has been raised repeatedly at the faculty meetings we haven’t been able to come up with a lasting solution. The animals pose a danger to not just the employees here but also the patients and their relatives who come to the hospital,” said a senior physician at the Institute.

Troubled by strays at the prestigious campus, another senior physician said: “The campus is already a breeding ground for mosquitoes and we are struggling with them. We have been complaining about dogs and monkeys but we haven’t been able to do anything to keep them at bay. The campus is too large for us to post guards everywhere, we even have stray dogs coming inside the hospital area which is dangerous. There have been cases of monkeys managing to get into medical departments and creating chaos. We are looking for a solution to the menace.”

But while acknowledging the problem, a notice issued by the Institute recently said: “The number of dogs on the campus has become almost negligible and there has not been any reported instance of dog bite or monkey bite in the past at least six months to our notice. Continuous efforts are being made to clear the AIIMS campus of the stray dogs and monkeys.”

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