A warning for doctors doing sex selection

Bindu Shajan Perappadan

An initiative by doctors to rein in their fraternity

Skewed sex ratio prompts IMA to act promptly

NEW DELHI: Alarmed by the skewed sex ratio, Capital’s doctors have launched an initiative to police those in the fraternity aiding this practice.

In a bid to correct the dangerously skewed sex ratio, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) following the principle “baat, mulaquat, laat and havalat” has trained 50 doctors who will meet, counsel and recommend action against doctors who are practising sex selection in the city.

The IMA, the largest non-government organisation of doctors in the country, is all set to aggressively pursue the project.

“We have trained 50 doctors who will be ambassadors against sex selection. They will sensitise doctors about the need to work towards a healthy sex ratio and counsel them against practising sex selection, and in case this isn’t working they will inform the Association’s committee. In the worst case scenario we will take the help of the police against these erring doctors,” said IMA national president Dr. Ashok Adhao.

“The idea is to self-police and make doctors understand that this is part of their moral public responsibility to ensure a healthy sex ratio,” he added.

“Rogue doctors and involvement of quacks in sex selection have brought a bad name to the entire fraternity and we need to work towards ensuring that this scenario changes for the better,” he said.

The Association has been working on the issue for well over half a decade but claims that it hasn’t been able to completely engage doctors in the project and therefore decided to get aggressive about finding solutions to the problem.

“In its latest endeavour, the IMA has deliberated on the issues of sex selection procedures and sex-selective abortions being carried out by various doctors and quacks. A committee has been formed consisting of eminent persons from the medial profession along with representatives from the Federation of Gynaecological Societies of India, the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association, officials from the United Nations Population Fund and other organisations to address the issue,” said Dr. Adhao.

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