`Congress to blame for price rise'

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party president Harsh Vardhan has accused the Congress-led governments at the Centre and in Delhi of various "anti-people" decisions that have led to a spiralling increase in the prices of daily necessities.

Eager to play the "onion price rise'' card that the Congress had effectively used to dislodge the BJP Government in Delhi eight years ago, Dr. Vardhan said while the price of onion had reached Rs. 30 per kg in most parts of Delhi, at certain places it was even selling for Rs. 50 a kg.

Dr. Vardhan declared that the BJP had decided to hold protests all over Delhi against the rise the prices. "The price spiral is at its climax in Delhi. The people of the country are not being provided food grains, onions, sugar and oil at fair price and in this situation the decision to export onion has adversely affected the general public,'' he added.

He charged that the entire Government machinery had failed to take concrete measures to curb the price spiral. "Forward trading has not been controlled as yet and no penal action has been taken at the national level. Also, no raids have been conducted on people to check large-scale hoarding and artificial price rise,'' he said.