How green is your workout?

So you’ve heard of Nike’s range of shoes made from recycled sneakers, plastic bottles and manufacturing scraps. Or Reebok’s latest biodegradable corn sneakers. But what do you know about these lesser-known brands that design ethical, vegan fitness gear and apparel?


Creating sneakers using fair trade cotton, vegan suede and sustainably-sourced rubber, this Paris-based company brings together several ethical practices and materials. Sourcing wild latex in Amazonia and waterproof B-mesh or plastic bottle mesh from Santo André (each pair needs three bottles), Veja also uses leather made from the skins of farm-raised tilapia, a tropical fish (nine skins go into a pair). So, despite being one of the most ethical brands around for over a decade, why don’t they advertise? Founder Sebastien Kopp says a pair of their sneakers costs five-seven times the price of a regular one, but by saving on advertising costs, they can sell it at the same price. “Veja means ‘look’ in Portuguese and we want customers to look beyond the sneakers, to how they are made and by whom.” Their Spring-Summer 2017 collection integrates J-mesh (made with 50% recycled cotton, 29% jute and 21% recycled plastic bottles), and are produced in high social standard factories in Brazil, working with social inclusion NGOs in Paris.Priced from Rs. 5,200 onwards, on, the shoes are shipped worldwide.

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