Eman loses over 120 kg, first surgery soon

Eman Ahmed Abdelaty before her treatment.File Photo  

The world’s heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed Abdelaty from Egypt, who is admitted at Saifee Hospital, has lost more than 120 kg since being hospitalised. Bariatric surgeon Muffazal Lakdawala said she will undergo her first surgery “any time soon”. Her genetic test reports are also expected within this week.

“There was a lot of water retention in her body. Her weight loss is in the form of water that she has been losing,” Dr. Lakdawala said, adding that the first surgery she will undergo will be a laparoscopic sleeve gastrostomy, which involves reducing the size of the stomach.

Ms. Ahmed’s recovery has been extremely well, said doctors. She has suffered two strokes since being admitted tot he hospital, but her condition is stable. “Earlier, she has trouble swallowing liquids. But now, she can do it with ease. Her speech is better. We are also helping her pull herself up by holding her toes,” said Dr. Lakdawala, adding that she has been shifted to a new bed that has a weighing scale attached to it. “This helps us in constantly monitoring her,” he said refusing to divulge her exact weight at present. “Her weight is now in the 300s,” he said.

The doctors have taken an X-ray of Ms. Ahmed by taking the machine to her room. Dr. Lakdawala hopes that with the weight loss, she can be put in an MRI machine soon.

Ms. Ahmed, who weighed 500 kg, was airlifted from Alexandria in Egypt and brought to Mumbai for the weight loss procedure. She began losing weight soon after she was put on medications by Dr. Lakdawala’s team that visited Egypt. Her treatment is being carried out through crowdfunding, with Rs. 60 lakh being raised so far. Money has been coming in from across the country as well as outside in varied amounts. Many have walked into Saifee Hospital with cheques for her treatment. A week ago, a Class IV student wrote to the doctor asking them to save Ms. Ahmed and sent them Rs. 1,500 from her piggy bank.