`Yogam stand will help LDF, Rajagopal'

THRISSUR, APRIL 24 . The SNDP Yogam general secretary, Vellappalli Natesan, today said that the Yogam had given freedom to the local units to adopt appropriate electoral strategy in their respective regions and this was likely to help the LDF in the coming elections.

Addressing a `Meet-the-Press' programme at the Thrissur Press Club, Mr. Natesan said the people as a whole, including Yogam activists, were fed up with the internal fights and `dynasty-based politics' of the UDF'. "This will naturally help the LDF. However, the Yogam leadership had not taken a decision to favour any particular Front," he said. "One reason for this was that whoever wins the election from Kerala would oppose the BJP at the Centre. So why should we tell the voters to favour any particular Front?"

Replying to questions, he said in Thiruvananthapuram, the contest would be between the LDF candidate, P.K. Vasudevan Nair, and the BJP nominee, O. Rajagopal. The Yogam activists feel that if Mr. Rajagopal wins the election, he would be inducted as a Minister in the Central Cabinet and he would be able to serve their community and the State as a whole. Hence, the Yogam decision to give freedom to local units on the election strategy is likely to help Mr. Rajagopal.

Asked about the criticism that the present leadership of the Yogam was trying to lead the organisation to the BJP camp, Mr. Natesan said, "There is nothing wrong in going to the camp of the BJP, which is the ruling party at the Centre. How many Christians and Muslims are joining the BJP. They all know the advantages of joining a party that is now ruling the Centre and is likely to be at the helm of affairs for another two terms. Nobody finds fault with the Christians and the Muslims joining the BJP. But when the Yogam activists join the BJP, there is a big hue and cry."

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