Writing on the wall

P.P. Thankachan... down but not out.

P.P. Thankachan... down but not out.  

Will the results of the local body polls reflect in the outcome of the next Assembly polls?

This is a question arising in the minds of political pundits as well as ordinary citizens.

The LDF victory in majority of the local bodies is viewed by many as a direct indication as to where things are moving.

But the UDF convener P.P. Thankachan has his own studied view.

Even before the local body polls, he aired his opinion that the verdict could never be considered as repetitive in nature. He has solid reasons to believe so. The LDF Government led by the late Nayanar had won the local body polls.

Hoping to take advantage of the `wave' in its favour, the Government decided to go for elections even before completing its term. But it was a vain attempt.

The LDF had to face severe drubbing at the hustings.

The message is clear — the UDF does not take the verdict as the writing on the wall.

More appropriately, a fierce battle will ensue soon.

R. Ramabhadran Pillai

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