Weavers to let their votes speak

A collective of the weavers in Balaramapuram and surrounding areas has decided to register their protest against the continued neglect by successive governments of their plight in the forthcoming elections.

“We will not boycott the elections, a method that many other sections of the society are adopting to show their protest this time, but we will make our votes speak for ourselves,” was as clear as they would be about their mode of protest during a press conference here on Tuesday.

K.G. Satheesh Kumar, the State secretary of the Kaithari Samrakshana Samithi, K. Rajan, coordinator of the National Handloom Weavers Federation, and G. Komalakumaran of the South Indian Weavers Federation, minced no words when they hit out at political parties, stating that over the years, despite the weavers sliding from misery to further deprivation, little had been done to help them.

They alleged that efforts of the government, its claims apart, were to help corporate garment makers as was made evident from the controversy over supply of school uniforms to students.

The government could have handed over orders to the Balaramapuram weavers who were ready to do it at lesser costs than those fixed by the other firms.

Similarly, a government initiative to provide Kudumbasree members with cotton saris priced Rs.450 each was handed over to a private firm when the weavers of Balaramapuram could have done it for a maximum of Rs.300 each, they claimed.

There were more than 300 primary weavers’ cooperative societies, many of which were bogus setups, Mr. Satheesh Kumar said.

They say government helping the corporates

Allege ogus coop. societies taking away aids

Balaramapuram weavers protest against neglect.