Vellappally calls for new quota panel

KOLLAM, MARCH 11. The Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam general secretary and S.N. Trusts secretary, Vellappally Natesan, has called for the constitution of a fresh commission to address the reservation issue with regard to minority communities.

He was addressing a meet-the-press programme here today after taking charge as the secretary of the S.N. Trusts for the fourth consecutive term.

Mr. Natesan said his demand should not be misinterpreted as a stand against minority communities. ``As a person who has carefully gone through the Narendran Commission report, I have never come across any mention in the report on the need for a special recruitment''. Yet, a lot of heat is being generated over the issue. Things are getting nowhere and there is need for a fresh commission. ``Of course, the minorities should get what is rightfully due to them and we should get what is due to us.''

On Hindu unity

Mr. Natesan said his Hindu unity call was aimed at the solidarity of those who had been denied social justice. ``I don't make any claim that unity between the SNDP Yogam and the Nair Service Society means Hindu unity''. It is only the first step towards creating a broad-based unity among the majority community.

He said the allegation that the unity move was part of a BJP agenda was totally baseless. ``Why should the unity move create panic in some sections?'' May be because it will result in some political parties losing the opportunity to use members of the Ezhava community to attack another section of the majority community, he said.

Joint meeting soon

At all costs, the unity movement will be carried forward and it will succeed. SNDP Yogam and NSS leaders will shortly meet in Changanassery to give a final sahpe to the unity agenda.

He said the senior Congress leader K. Karunakaran has become `outdated' owing to his inability too keep himself `updated.' The Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy, is too liberal when it comes to making promises and thrifty when it comes to fulfilling these promises, he alleged.