Veliyam call to fight new economic policies

KOTTAYAM, FEB. 26. The CPI State secretary, Veliyam Bhargavan, has called upon the younger generation to ready themselves for the beginning of a long struggle against the new economic policies being implemented by the present ruling dispensations at the Centre and the State.

Inaugurating the 35th State conference of the All India Students' Federation (AISF) here today, the CPI leader pointed out that the roots of class struggles in India could be traced back to students' politics. He was happy that the students and youth in the country were ready and hardened enough to take on the might of the new generation exploiters.

According to Mr. Bhargavan, the new economic policy, which was being implemented by the BJP and the Congress-controlled Governments, had a clearly defined class politics. These policies were aimed at the advancement of a miniscule minority who want to control all economic activities and to alienate the large majority of people. As such, education, health, agriculture and other sectors were being subjected to unprecedented policy changes, he pointed out. These policies would be suicidal for a country where 40 per cent of its people lived below the poverty line, he said.

The AISF national president, Ramkishan Pandey, the general secretary, Sony B. Thengamom, the State secretary, V.P. Unnikrishnana, the State president, G. Krishnaprasad, and others spoke.

The conference later asked the Government to close the controversial soft drinks plants at Plachimada. It also called for an investigation into the sanctioning of self-financing educational institutions by the UDF Government. The conference would continue on Friday.